Follow the fun

Life is too short to be anything but happy- rich statement, I know. “Especially in these times” I can hear you saying.

but wait a minute..

Now, I am not saying to never feel anything other than happiness but I am emphasizing on reaching for it. Actively reaching for it.

I can attest that this simple act will have profound shifts in your life.

Here is a great example, before I left for work today I was a bit frustrated. Frustrated by feeling as if my voice doesn’t matter when I know it does. My present reality is showing that I need to stand firm and hold true to myself and what I believe. But outside forces are proving to be quite difficult. After refreshing and realigning at my happy place (the water, do you know me at all?!) followed by a venting session to my mom (thanks mom!) and a few deep breaths..(100+ is a few right?) I was back to take on the world.

While I was still frustrated, I chose to actively feel better by following what my soul needed I was able to be back in the flow. This time around it didn’t even take that long. Besides, who has time for a bad day?

The best part after realigning is having so many synchronicities following after- confirmation at its finest.

Here is another example: I was trying to find a parking spot in a very overcrowded and busy parking lot. I was definitely overwhelmed, I pulled up, didn’t like the spot I was in and tried to move-like 10 times. What do you think happened? Thats right car after car kept coming. I did the only thing I could think to do. I took a few deep breaths. Don’t worry, I laughed at myself a bunch too! After finally reversing into my parking spot and going into the restaurant, the employee handing me the food said, “Perfect timing, it just came out.” Imagine that. Perfect timing. Had I not been confused as to how to park or been overwhelmed in the process I would have not experienced that. Cool right?

So remember:

  • Have fun
  • Breathe
  • Laugh a lot- even if it’s you that you’re laughing at!
  • Realign and choose happiness

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