‘Don’t be mullein bout it’ Mullein is a prized herb that can be found as a “weed” on the side of the road. Because they are resilient in nature and tend to be invasive, when they are found in farms, they typically refer to them as weeds. What is a weed anyway? Mullein should get […]

Stand in yours

I find that being an uber driver is liberating: I am able to work when I choose to, I am able to go into places that I would never step foot into on my own, and I get to see new faces every time. The most fascinating thing though is that is helping me to […]

Choose you.

Time will pass in the blink of an eye and if you are not careful the memories that can be made will be lost. The opportunities that can be grasped will inevitably fly by. Be mindful of the company you keep because it can either be UPLIFTING or diminishing. Assert yourself in times where you […]

Your body; your choice.

I still stand firm with what I was stating not that long ago. While both situations may seem different to others, they are entirely the same to me. They boil down to the same conclusion which is your body-your choice. I find it insane that the same people who were shouting that same statement a […]


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