Salt and sugar

Salt and sugar look the same. That’s how I remember the saying to go, and it is even more fitting now then ever. While it is easy to remember what other people do and say have nothing to do with you, it is even harder to apply that principle and not react when something does happen. What a beautiful and timely reminder. Although in some moments I dont quite agree, because my emotions get the best of me.

Completely and temporarily wrapped up in my own emotions unable to see the bigger picture, but isn’t that really the beauty? Reflection; a powerful and necessary tool we should all utilize. The truth is, when these emotions surface they are a reminder that something is a miss; to dig deeper and find an answer. Why am I feeling this way? What is this person doing or saying that is causing these surge of emotions? Is there something I am missing, something I need to release?

When my emotions have subsided for the most part, I am able to see a clearer picture. It is easier then to take a step back and see it from different perspectives. From there you won’t be acting on impulse but making a wise decision with new information assisting you.

Often times people pretend to be nice. They hide behind fake smiles and attitudes that make even the more experienced of us to be blinded by their ways. I encourage you to watch people’s true intentions by watching their actions. Words are easy to manipulate but actions do not lie. There are many people who do things so they feel they are of importance because they actually lack self esteem. People who try and control things because they themselves feel out of control. As soon as they don’t get their way they will either cower, run, say or do rude and mean things, take jabs at you while trying to maintain a nice persona.

Far too long I was naive and blinded by the bullshit. I was engulfed in most of these peoples stories and lost within the hope of their lies. My wish for you, is to shed some light on these behaviors so that you too don’t fall into the traps I once did. That you become aware of the constant games you fall privy to while believing the best in people. Salt and sugar may look the same, but the way they taste are completely different.

Look for those who defend others when they are not around; those who speak the truth. You will never wonder where you stand. Seek those who share your values and won’t try to undermine everything you do. Find those who accept you, and I mean truly accept you. Often times you don’t have to look, they will find you. Don’t believe what anyone tells you, go within, and see how it feels for you. Dig deeper when people tell you things because most times they aren’t telling you everything they save the best bits for themselves.

Don’t ever underestimate the power within because you can literally move mountains of thats what you truly desire. Don’t let salt fool you into believing it is sugar.


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