Hello again.

Oh hey, hi-its me again.

Just reflecting on my life and how it could have been.
Thankful for the path I am continuing on.
Thankful for the people who I have stumbled upon.

Enjoying moment to moment as it passes by,
Reminiscing on all of the things I let die.
Anticipating all of the things on its way to me,
Grateful to finally just be.

Up and down-
Around and round.
Am I just trying to survive?
Excited to be able to thrive.

Dig deep down into the roots
Where the problem puts up angry shoots.
Breathe. You have made it this far.
Be proud, for you shine as brightly as a star.

Reach higher.
Aim for your passions.
Celebrate yourself.
Choose you for once.

Lets see where it takes us.

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