Stand in yours

I find that being an uber driver is liberating: I am able to work when I choose to, I am able to go into places that I would never step foot into on my own, and I get to see new faces every time.

The most fascinating thing though is that is helping me to discover even more limiting beliefs that I am holding within and then helping me to heal them so that I may step into the dreams of the now.

As I dive headfirst into solely relying on my intuition to guide me, I am thrusted into a lot of uncomfortable situations in the midst of overwhelming feelings.

When I first started doing uber I had no idea that I was able to say no to jobs- I picked every job, it didn’t matter how far the drive was or to where. I picked every single one! All I knew was that I needed income and I needed it now.

Obviously, I have since learned that I can very well decline and now I only choose ones that are at a higher price point. After thinking of this today as I was driving, I was reminded of an even deeper and more significant reason for the lesson that I was learning.

The lesson: Saying no to the low paying job is equivalent to saying no to the lower vibrations. Equally so it is saying no to any situation that isn’t fully aligned with my values. I do not need to take part in everything, only those that I CHOOSE to, and the best part is that the hard work I have been doing internally is affecting external circumstances. By saying no to the lower paying ones, I am getting higher paid jobs while using less miles.

Similarly, by saying no to situations and people that aren’t aligned with who I am I am making room in order to be thrusted on the right journey- my journey and to be surrounded by my tribe.

If you haven’t done the work up into this point, it may be confusing. For a long time, I struggled with not knowing my worth and settling for things that don’t align with me. It still happens from time to time but I find it much easier to realign with things that will help me to live my truth.

This is the time for me to dive deep into the unknown and literally say yes to everything that feels right and no to anything that doesn’t. It is the weeding out of lessons learned and identifying ones that need more healing and learning. This is the time to focus on me, and what it is I can do to help others by being in my truth.

Stand in yours and together we will rise.


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