Things to live by:

Time will pass in the blink of an eye and if you are not careful the memories that can be made will be lost. The opportunities that can be grasped will inevitably fly by.

Be mindful of the company you keep because it can either be UPLIFTING or diminishing.

Assert yourself in times where you feel you are being undervalued and walk away from things that are causing harm to your health.

Giving love to others is a beautiful quality but never forget to add yourself to the equation.

Give to yourself first- you are worthy.

Believe in yourself and water your own seeds.


Make time for yourself. (Even if you feel there is no time- make the time)

I don’t care if it is considered selfish- do it anyway otherwise you will be living a lie.

If you don’t value yourself: you will conform to what others believe is important and you will shrink to what others choose to think.

Push out of the box, break free from the chains and you will literally see your life transform.

Question everything.

Keep looking for your inner child and remind them that they are valuable, and they are loved.

Remind yourself daily that you are PERFECTLY imperfect. No matter what you are worthy.

You do not need any validation from anyone.

You are a warrior who despite all odds always rises again.

But for once,

consistently choose you.

You most certainly are capable of doing anything- get to it.


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