Your body; your choice.

I still stand firm with what I was stating not that long ago.

While both situations may seem different to others, they are entirely the same to me. They boil down to the same conclusion which is your body-your choice.

I find it insane that the same people who were shouting that same statement a short time ago are now saying that others should have a say regarding what course a woman should take with her own body and callously voicing their opinions on what someone else should do with their body.

At the same time, I am bewildered by the people who were shunning others for using caution for what they chose to put into their body are now saying that they should have a choice and that it is completely wrong that someone can even think that it is okay for someone to have a right to their body and what they can do with it.

Completely bonkers. I just don’t understand how people do not see it. How do you not see the correlation between the two?

Where is the happy medium? Where is MY BODY; MY CHOICE? Why is it only applicable in some cases but not all? Why do we continuously give up our power to others and so willingly?

Being the fact that I am a natural minded person who truly believes in the body’s ability to fight I chose to not receive any “jab” and because of that I lost a reliable job. But I also gained the clarity of knowing that I was standing-truly standing in my power.

I knew it was more than just an act of the “healthy choice” and you are a healthcare worker who should be “setting an example”.

I chose to ACTUALLY set an example by not partaking in it.


I knew it wasn’t the beginning and that we would be preparing for something in the future and I chose to stand when I did to withstand the storm.

Instead of shaming others for something you don’t quite understand, why not just ask?

Ask them-

  • Why would you choose an abortion?
  • Why do you think an abortion is such a bad thing?

I am flabbergasted that most people are unaware that these situations are one in the same with a different label.

At the end of the day, everyone should have a right to their own body. It is literally your birth right.

There are many instances where women need to have an abortion- Just as there are many instances where people are unable to receive a vaccine. That doesn’t make them bad people or mean they are making bad choices.

Personally, I do not care what you choose to do with your body. Your choices are yours alone and you should not be forced to make a decision by someone outside of yourself who thinks they know your body better than you do. Naturally by making your choice, you are also choosing the consequences.

I understand where others are coming from in terms of abortions. While I don’t agree that a baby in utero should be terminated at later stages I do understand that medically there are reasons as to why someone may have to. I also can understand that some women choose to receive one based on circumstances surrounding their personal life (whether that be unable to care for child, raped, ectopic and so much more.)

I think we need to stop allowing the divide and start coming together and truly standing with one another. We may not be able to understand why a decision is being made but perhaps can come to learn without making assumptions. More importantly, maybe we can learn to support one another.

The more we become unified and allow others to be themselves the sooner we will see change. We are giving away our power by blaming others and pointing fingers believing we are in the right, and they are in the wrong. Without even hearing the other side.

I hope more people wake up to the consistent patterns that have been plaguing the world for generations. I hope more people stand in their power and make changes. I hope we begin to heal as a whole and we can truly love one another the way that it was intended.


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