Let it go

There are no constants in life except for maybe change, it really is one of the only things you can rely on. The only other thing I would imagine would be your intuition. I have spent majority of my life running from it. I have spent majority of my life running from things in general. Of all the situations that I have ever been in, the only thing that remains the same is that it will inevitably change. The good, the bad, the ugly. Everything changes.

One of my favorite reminders of change comes in the fall when the leaves begin to turn beautiful shades of colors. It is such a beautiful time, and it shows us that just like those leaves there are times in our life when we must release anything that no longer serves us. We need to focus on our roots, our core and let all the other things fall.

Just as there are seasons, we have our own. We can either buckleup and enjoy the ride or we can resist everything causing a lot of friction. Ultimately. as with anything the choice is yours.

This year has been a constant state of letting go. The deep beliefs rooted in fear have been surfaced and then released only to come back in another form.

I was once again reminded to let go; I had no other choice. It was let go or be dragged and I certainly wasnt going to be dragged.

We often hold on because:

  • We are afraid of the unknown
  • We are afraid of rejection
  • We feel we are unworthy

Now I’m sure the list could go on, but the truth of the matter is we need to discover why we won’t let go of things that no longer serve us. Then we need to be bold and stand in our power.

Can you guess the next step?


Just one more thing..

Have patience with yourself when you are going through it. It is not always easy to face yourself and figure out what you need to let go. Rest assured, it will be the most rewarding thing you can do!

Let it go and make room for things that are truly in alignment with you to flow in. It really can flow and let me tell you.. it will blow your mind.


only if you let it


if you do the work and make space for it!


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