Do it now.

Many people will inquire about your life to merely judge how you are doing in comparison to them.

While it can be disheartening to say the least; especially when it comes to people you have known all of your life. It can also be very empowering.

To once have no clue that it was even happening to now know that not only is it happening but also more importantly that it doesn’t need to impact you negatively or deeply as it once had.

Growing up I could always sense energy shifts in the room. I could never really place or put words to exactly how I was feeling or why, but I would always feel it non the less.

“The doubts that once held me back will now be my steppingstone”

Angel miccio

I was called crazy or often times made to feel like I was crazy. But the truth was always there like a little silver lining (although at the time I never knew the beauty entwined within it) waiting to be recognized. That little silver lining is exactly what made me unique and me.

That little girl who was made to think she was crazy for even thinking such thought is now an adult who sees beyond what people just want to placate her with. Those little lies that they told-that they probably believe is nothing to what actions portray.

As time progressed, I have shed many layers of limiting beliefs, layers of the girl I once was, the person I thought I should be based off what other people tell me and broke free from the restraints that bound me into a never-ending circle of what I believed to be life. I can honestly say my intuition has never steered me wrong, I am eternally grateful for the internal guidance for not only did it prove that I didn’t need medication to be normal but that I could live a life beyond my wildest dreams. Literally.

While I am nowhere close to the life I dream of, I am just a touch away, Beautiful really, when you stop to think of it. I am on the brink of change; I know without a shadow of doubt.

“When you judge others, you do not define them, you define yourself.” –

Earl Nightingale

My reality, at the moment may show otherwise. But my intuition is never wrong. My bank account may be negative, but my escrow is filled. All I need to do is realign with my purpose as I am doing now and watch me transform.

The doubts that once held me back will now be my steppingstone. Stand back world, I have waited long enough- now it is my time to shine.

At the end of the day, do what you want. Feed your soul. Listen to that little voice that continues to love and guide you. Empower yourself. People will judge, even those who are supposed to love you. It does not matter-Keep going. As cliche as it is: the problem lies within them. Do you. Time will pass in the blink of an eye, so do it now.


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