So long healthcare.

Not even an hour after writing the post fed up Healthcare worker I was let go.


Terminated, as you will.

Everything as I knew it, ripped away.

Just like that.

I tried to hold it together as I sat in the room. I could barely make eye contact.

My heart was ripped right out. This just isn’t right.

I sat there. In a room full of people. Desperate to be free from this fuckery. Why isn’t there another way?

Why is this mandatory, why am I losing my job? My means to live? The benefits?

Why for the last couple of weeks did my coworkers turn their backs to me?

I am not beneath you. I am with you. I am you.

I always took pride in my work ethic. That’s who I was. A hardworker.

Now I’m unemployed.

I stand by my words. I will not be forced to do something I inherently disagree with.

I will not cower in the name of science. Because let’s get real it’s not.

I will not freely give away that which was fought for with lives over the decades and I will not be swayed into believing that their truth should be mine.

Healthcare, where I have worked and contributed for a decade, is no longer allowing me to be essential.

All over something we don’t even know the repercussions of.

Goodbye healthcare,

You were good to me

Until you weren’t.

You taught me lessons I needed, you molded me into something so beautiful. You gave me so many experiences that I will forever cherish.

I will be standing with all of you. I will be cheering you all on.

But I’ve got some new things to be tended to.


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