together we will rise

In light of recent events, I am feeling a very strong urge to voice my opinion on the matter.

A few short months after being called heroes those same heroes are now being forced against their will for something they so strongly oppose. From “heroes to zeroes” as many people have accurately put. Not only by those who have not had to endure but also those they were in trenches with.

The part that I find to be the most disturbing is that a lot of push back and/or resistance is resulting from their friends and colleagues who are not only name calling but shaming them for something that they also know so little about.

One thing I feel adamantly about, is that people should have full autonomy and full disclosure of the things that they put into their bodies without fear of retaliation from those around them. Especially when those consequences will be on them and them alone.

Lets not get caught in fear and instead reach for a solution that we all could benefit from.

Did you forget that they those who are hesitant also experienced loss and tragedy from this unspeakable virus? That equally, this virus shook the entire world right off its axis and everyone is trying to rebuild their lives.

I ask that you remind yourself that they too have families and friends that they deeply care about. I ask that you refrain from placing blame and judgement on others. Perhaps better use your energies to assist and uplift them.

Instead of thinking your answer is better then the others why not ask where the common ground is? Why not try to actually see the others’ perspective and learn from this? Ask why you feel that you know better then the next person? What makes you so qualified to degrade the people around you? Are you so perfect that you know everything and have nothing to gain from lifes experiences?

Even the smartest person walking the earth doesn’t have all of the answers. Even the smartest scientists, doctors,  and leaders don’t know what to expect. Have some compassion for each other and remind yourself that you too could be misled and  the very information you are so tightly clinging to can slip through your fingers. If it just so happens to, let us hope, that those very people who you are pushing down will help you to rise.

The truth is, everyone should have discernment and be allowed to follow what they believe to be is the most appropriate for themselves and their families alike. The amount of hate and separation this has stirred up is not only frightening but appalling. We have so much healing to do. Not just from a physical stand point but a spiritual one as well. Do not allow such trivial things to deny you of what comes with connection. The moment you place blame and victimize is the moment you lose your leverage in love and become the very fear we are trying to break free from.

As we continue to dive into these uncharted territories let us remain vigilant and hold steadfast the love we have for one another, let us remind us that we are all in this together. Let us not be divided, instead let us rebuild our community in hope and love.

Let us rise, together.


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