Month: August 2021

together we will rise

In light of recent events, I am feeling a very strong urge to voice my opinion on the matter. A few short months after being called heroes those same heroes are now being forced against their will for something they so strongly oppose. From… Continue Reading “together we will rise”

Little girl

This is to the little girl who felt she needed to fight for the love, affection and attention from those around her. You were not wrong for fighting with every ounce of strength that you had in the best ways you knew how to.… Continue Reading “Little girl”

All in this together

Let us not forget, we are all love. The sooner we remember this the sooner this will all be rectified. Let us remain vigilant in understanding and respecting others choices and more importantly their rights to choose. That is of the utmost importance. Remember… Continue Reading “All in this together”