I’m over it

I’m over it.

You know,

Losing sleep over things out of my control.

Letting others opinions weigh me down.

Losing myself at the expense of others.

Today I actively choose different, because I know different.

I may not know it all nor do I intend to. But after decades of living a life not in alignment with who I truly am I’m throwing the towel in.

I am not perfect. No. But I am perfectly imperfect. And that is such a beautiful thing. For far too long I hid parts of me for fear of what others may believe. Now I come out from the depths of my soul to breathe, to simply be.

If you can’t tolerate what you believe to be my flaws then you certainly cannot experience my assets.

There are times I am downright cranky and then there are times I like to play. There are times I want to be left alone and yet times I like to party. There are moments when I want to sing and those when I want to cry. I have always been this way. But now not only will I allow it, I will fully embrace it.

It is so easy to go with the flow, allowing others to dictate who you are. It is easy to not stand up for yourself and back down so as to not ruffle any feathers. I was so good at that. Bending to what others perceive me as. But thats the beauty of perception as everyone does indeed have one.

Now I choose, if something goes against what I believe in to either say something or walk away.

Yes it really can be that simple. And no it won’t always be that easy.

But I choose me, I choose love. Self love, all love. You know that saying, you can’t pour from an empty cup. No, no you cant.

I hope you choose to lose it.

Lose that excess baggage that you have been lugging around.

Lose that pain that you have been holding onto

Lose the thought and feelings from others that weigh you down

Lose it all and find yourself.


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