Leaning into motherhood

Being a new mother comes with many challenges. There are many things I wish that I knew when I was having my first. But with everything time and experience lend a hand at paving the way for the future. Now that I am pregnant with my second I have noticed a lot of differences from my first. I will share some of my best tips for adjusting to motherhood, but please know that not everyone has the same experiences. As with all people, all children and pregnancies are different.


Ill tell you something, I find myself stressing far more than I can remember with my first. It seems time is flying and I inevitably cannot keep up no matter how hard I try. This sweet bundle of joy will be arriving in less than two weeks and her room is not where I want it to be. My son’s room is not even where I want it to be. But, that is the beauty of it all. Nothing will ever be perfect, you will always be adapting. So try to relax and do a little at a time. As time will show you, the way you set things up prebaby will not necessarily remain the same because your needs will change based on what the baby needs.

Your expectations of your surroundings and most importantly yourself are trivial to optimal health. Lower them if they are too high, your body is going through enough stress there is no need to add more. Your baby will love you no matter what. I promise you.


No, really. There are so many things you think you need to raise a healthy baby, so many things that claim they make it easier. Truth of the matter is, you only need a few things. The basic needs of a baby are often blown out of proportion. Babies eat sleep and go to the bathroom. Truly it is that simple. Are there other things that help with that? Of course. If you are stressing out about how you will be able to get everything to appease your child, stop. I can not emphasize this enough, you need to stay as relaxed and calm as possible. Your baby can feel it. You will get everything you want in due time. I know plenty of people who got the “best” swing and their baby hated it. You need just a few things: Swaddles, bottles (or breast), diapers. You want a bunch of things. There is a difference.


Yes, you heard that right. I will scream it from the mountain tops. Mothers have enough to worry about, they should not be made to feel bad if the choose not to breast feed or are incapable of doing so. Am I promoting formula? No absolutely not. I was fortunate enough to breast feed my first and I hope I am able to do so with my second. Breastfeeding is hard. Anyone who tells you any different is lying to you and most importantly themselves. Pregnancy is hard. Motherhood is hard. But you know what? It is worth it in the end. Emotions and hormones are crazy especially right after the birth of your baby. Do not add on to it because someone else feels you should be doing things a certain way. Do it because you want to, do it if you can. If not just make sure you give your baby whatever it needs to grow healthy.


I am sure you have heard it before and you will probably hear it again. But it is the truth. If you want to give your baby the best possible chance, you need to take care of yourself. Listening to the needs of your body are essential to the well being of your child, they literally go hand in hand. This is so so important. You need time to decompress, to release all those emotions that are coming up for you. You need to be able to have a level head and a heart full of love. Those dishes will be there, those clothes will be there, all the stuff you think need to be done can wait. I assure you, no harm will be done if you do not accomplish all those tasks to keep a clean house. Your body needs you, your baby needs you. There are many ways to care for yourself after baby has arrived, but what works for me may not for you. That is okay. Find what works for you. Take a hot shower, bath if you are able to, go for a walk, nap, make some tea, do anything that brings you peace of mind.


Enjoy your new bundle of joy, this time you will never get back. They grow so fast, trust me. Laugh, laugh and laugh some more.


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