Lavender bath salts

Have you ever stopped and smelled the.. lavender?

I love roses too, but this post is strictly for my love of lavender.

Such a versatile plant, with such beauty. The scent alone can put me in a trance let alone watching as it flows through the wind. I have a beautiful budding lavender bush in my backyard. I would have a million if it was up to me, I mean I did have two… but we won’t even go there.

Its amazing really, as much as I love herbs and plants and gardening I am terrible at keeping them alive. I have to thank Justin for that, because he definitely saves them alot. Maybe one day I’ll aquire a green thumb.

There are so many things you can do with lavender. You can make tea, bath salts, soaps, salves, lotions, and so so much more. There are so many benefits of using lavender that you can learn from here.

Today I made bath salts, with previously dried lavender. Lucky for you, I will show you how I did it. Super simple, and if you have kids its so much fun to do. Just be prepared for making a mess!

I gathered all my dried lavender, and a bowl. My little helper and I, separated the lavender from the stems by running our fingers along it.

Then we played with the lavender, smelled it, talked about the bees 🐝 and how much they also loved it, the color and so much more!

Ahh okay so here’s how we made lavender bath salts, yummm my favorite!


Mix it all together and voila amazing and relaxing bath salts!


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