Perception is everything

Have you ever been stuck in traffic? If your anything like me you probably curse and yell, telling people how they should be driving 🚗. On the contrary other times like me you embrace it while going with the flow.

I always find that the moments when I let go of trying to control the situation I am at peace. Those times I am able to listen to my music and enjoy the skyline or just simply be. Time stands still and I am in no rush to be anywhere. Lights are green at the most opportune times and I am free to go in perfect synchrony.

Then there are times where I am literally pulling my hair out and muttering under my breath trying to teach the others how to drive. Like seriously, how do people get their licenses and be able to keep them? Those times nothing ever works out for me. I am behind the slowest driver with no way of getting around them. The light turns red as soon as I come close.

Life is funny if you catch on to its jokes. I catch on because I love a good laugh. You get to choose the outcome, you get to choose the story. Its all on you whether or not you have a good life. I get it your probably saying easier said then done, you don’t know the cards I’ve been dealt. I call bullshit. Yeah true your cards may have been a shitty draw, but you have the power to change the storyline. Noone else but you.

Often times we relive what we know because we are familiar with it. We like it because we can relate and know how the outcome will be because we’ve already lived it. But if you want a better life that has meaning you actively have to pursue it. You have to chose to be grateful even when sometimes all you want to do is scream. You have to actively choose things to think about that bring you joy and peace in the most chaotic times because that is when you will need it the most. Choose gratitude, love and joy.


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