Month: June 2020

Perception is everything

Have you ever been stuck in traffic? If your anything like me you probably curse and yell, telling people how they should be driving 🚗. On the contrary other times like me you embrace it while going with the flow. I always find that… Continue Reading “Perception is everything”

Unrealistic expectations

We expect children to be able to manage their emotions and express themselves honorably. We forget that the way they experience things is sometimes hard to put into words especially if those words are foreign to begin with. Often times I have a hard… Continue Reading “Unrealistic expectations”

A new day

Today, was a rough yet beautiful disaster. It started with my son waking up at 3am tossing and turning. He couldn’t get comfortable, no matter how much he tried. His little belly was grumbling with pain. The impending alarm was approaching at 545, can… Continue Reading “A new day”