Breaking the cycle.

  • Lets make something clear: Just because I admit to things I do wrong, it does not mean I am always the one to blame.

I have noticed recurring patterns in my life throughout a variety of situations. Something happens, I see what I was responsible for.. I take accountability by apologizing and working through whatever it is to prevent me from making the same mistakes and grow. Unfortunately too many times, I have taken on the full weight of given situations because the other parties are oblivious or refuse to take responsibility for their actions. I always succumbed and believed it was all on me.

Its no wonder I feel so defeated. I am carrying around others’ baggage and not even realizing it. No more. The problem lies within the lack of boundaries that I have set in place, or kept in place.

Its truly amazing how many obstacles you can disintegrate by self love and setting healthy boundaries. You begin to make distinctions and learn to identify with what you have done or will accept and vice versa. The lines have been drawn and the crossing will cease.

Such a simple realization but often overlooked. How many people do you think set healthy boundaries? Do you? Do you enforce them daily? I would love to hear your feedback.

With love, as always.


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