People like to complain. I’m not too sure why, but we have a knack for it. Something great happens, we find the one fault. I see a lot of it at work. It could be that its because I work in healthcare, but i doubt it. I think we have just becomes so accustomed to it that we think that is who we are. We focus on the negative 99 percent of the time, or so it feels.

You’re a worrier? No, you live in the negative. You have been taught that; whether from another human or through experience. Worrying isn’t necessarily a negative thing, per say. Its a good indicator for concern, to use caution. But often times we get in our own way and hinder our growth by getting caught up in the what ifs. I mean really, what if?

What if you allowed yourself to be surprised. Magic is all around, if only the one seeing took off the glasses covered in gook.

What if you choose to see the best in others?

What if you allowed others to be who they want to be?

What if you took time for yourself?

Are you worried that your baby is going to fall and get hurt? Bang their head? Fall on their face? I know I am. But Jack needs to learn what his body is capable of, he needs to rely on it as we all have learned to. He needs to learn boundaries.

Are you worried that someone will break into your home? That you will be hurt? Afraid to get into a car crash? There are so many things that someone can worry about, why? Because something unfortunate happened so we can learn from it. Are we going to get stuck in the what ifs? Im not, and I hope you won’t either.

What if  for every worry you had you add another thing to be grateful for? How would your life change?

Heres an example:

What if I get into an accident? = It sure is a good thing that seat belts were invented.

If your brain is anything like mine it could keep going in circles about the worst case scenarios. I urge you to be mindful of the worry black hole. It is good until it sucks you in and then it feels almost impossible to get out of it. All you can do is give it a try. What if?



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