Orange you glad its natural? (Orange cleaner)

As I was peeling an orange this wonderful thought popped into my head. What a shame it would be to waste those delicious smelling peels. Why not use those orange peels for something else? Its ironic isn’t it? You know preaching to friends and family about how you can easily make cleaning products that aren’t harmful to you, your pets, environment and now in our case little one.

I have to admit with this little one on the way I have had to come to terms with the way I have been living. Despite being an avid health nut I have been quite a hypocrite. (Don’t tell on me, okay?) So now I absolutely have to take responsibility for my actions, or lack there-of.

So, the moment we have all been waiting for..(dun dun dunnnnn)

Gather some orange peels, you know after you devour that scrumptious fruit. Put those in a jar that you won’t need in the immediate future. Mason jars, anyone?

Okay now go ahead and get that vinegar. Yup vinegar. Add that to those wonderful peels and then guess what? You’re done!

Okay not really, but pretty close. You should wait for the oils to be infused into the vinegar, or not, because ultimately the choice is yours. But you should always label everything!

More to come soon.


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