Angel Leah is a content creator, a writer sharing love and light with a little bit of fight.

Angel is a forever expanding woman who shares life experiences from her childhood, children and relationships.


  • Follow the fun
    Life is too short to be anything but happy- rich statement, I know. “Especially in these times” I can hear you saying. but wait a minute.. Now, I am not saying to never feel anything other than happiness but I am emphasizing on reaching for it. Actively reaching for it. I can attest that this […]
  • Do it now.
    Many people will inquire about your life to merely judge how you are doing in comparison to them. While it can be disheartening to say the least; especially when it comes to people you have known all of your life. It can also be very empowering. To once have no clue that it was even […]
  • So long healthcare.
    Not even an hour after writing the post fed up Healthcare worker I was let go. Fired Terminated, as you will. Everything as I knew it, ripped away. Just like that. I tried to hold it together as I sat in the room. I could barely make eye contact. My heart was ripped right out. […]