Angel Leah is a content creator, a writer sharing love and light with a little bit of fight.

Angel is a forever expanding woman who shares life experiences from her childhood, children and relationships. An energy healer, budding herbalist, Reiki Master and soon to be Kundalini Yoga Instructor (among others).


  • Let it go
    There are no constants in life except for maybe change, it really is one of the only things you can rely on. The only other thing I would imagine would be your intuition. I have spent majority of my life running from it. I have spent majority of my life running from things in general. […]
  • Aligning.
    The universe has a funny way of setting things straight. Making you keenly aware of the intricate details that make you, well you. If you would have asked me a year ago if I would be here doing this right now I would look at you like you were completely bonkers. Or just smiled at […]
  • Follow the fun
    Life is too short to be anything but happy- rich statement, I know. “Especially in these times” I can hear you saying. but wait a minute.. Now, I am not saying to never feel anything other than happiness but I am emphasizing on reaching for it. Actively reaching for it. I can attest that this […]