Angel Leah is a content creator, a writer sharing love and light with a little bit of fight.

Angel is a forever expanding woman who shares life experiences from her childhood, children and relationships. An energy healer, budding herbalist, Reiki Master and soon to be Kundalini Yoga Instructor (among others).


  • Your body; your choice.
    I still stand firm with what I was stating not that long ago. While both situations may seem different to others, they are entirely the same to me. They boil down to the same conclusion which is your body-your choice. I find it insane that the same people who were shouting that same statement a […]
  • Let it go
    There are no constants in life except for maybe change, it really is one of the only things you can rely on. The only other thing I would imagine would be your intuition. I have spent majority of my life running from it. I have spent majority of my life running from things in general. […]
  • Aligning.
    The universe has a funny way of setting things straight. Making you keenly aware of the intricate details that make you, well you. If you would have asked me a year ago if I would be here doing this right now I would look at you like you were completely bonkers. Or just smiled at […]