A content creator, a writer sharing love and light with a little bit of fight.

As the saying goes- The only constant in life is change.

Join me as I continue to grow through change.

Here you will find insights into my life experiences in all aspects.


  • Dandy lion aka, dandelion
    Oh hey. If you see me in my lawn or in a field picking a whole bunch of dandelions mind- your- business. Dandelions get such a bad rap, and I just cannot wrap my brain around it. Not only are they beautiful to look at but they are incredibly great for you as well! The […]
  • Healing within motherhood.
    Nothing quite prepares you for motherhood except for maybe experience and even that is unreliable. I used to look at adults and think they have it all figured out. The truth is no one does. You will never have everything figured out, and once you think you almost do you find yourself back at square […]
  • Hello again.
    Oh hey, hi-its me again. Just reflecting on my life and how it could have been.Thankful for the path I am continuing on.Thankful for the people who I have stumbled upon. Enjoying moment to moment as it passes by,Reminiscing on all of the things I let die.Anticipating all of the things on its way to […]

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